• livhansen

minimalist notebook inspiration

When it comes to designing a simple minimalist notebook, I love turning to my own experiences for inspiration. It seems that a lot of design ideas come from traveling, art, taking a walk on a sunny morning (or even sometimes a cool grayish London afternoon), small bookshops or my favorite indie films.

Notebooks are one of the few items I am never without. As an actress and entrepreneur, I am constantly learning, building and envisioning. Notebooks come in handy as a simple tool to help me keep track of to-do lists, ideas and goals. They help me structure my day. I bring them with me on set and use them when working on a character and to take notes during table reads. As a notebook designer, I love to keep things simple and create minimalistic, stylish notebooks inspired by Scandinavian minimalism mixed with a feeling of "hygge" and adventure.

Each notebook will ensure that my to-do lists, thoughts and ideas, notes and goals are easily recorded and available to work with. My favorite designs are available through our Amazon shop. Head on over and grab yours now.


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